Kaitlyn Woods

General Manager, Registered Dietician
Kaitlyn Woods CrossFit Trainer Near Newport News


My name is Kaitlyn Wood I usually go by Kait. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina near Asheville. I have been into health and fitness most of my life. I ran track and played basketball in high school. My high school coach introduced me to CrossFit and I was hooked!

After high school I joined CrossFit Swerve and attended regularly throughout college. I attended Western Carolina University where I studied nutrition and dietetics. After college I completed my dietetic internship through Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York. Shortly after, I moved to Hampton to be with my husband that I met while in college. He joined the Navy while I was finishing school.

I am so happy to be back in the CrossFit community! I am a Registered Dietician and my dream has always been to work in a CrossFit gym and help people with their nutrition. I look forward to getting to know all of your personally and making all your fitness goals a reality!


1. What’s something I would never guess about you?
“I know how to sandblast and powder coat. My dad owns his own business and does 1000’s of parts each week. I worked for him for a year before moving here to learn the family business.”

2. Would you rather go 30 days without your phone or your entire life without dessert?
“I would without a doubt go without my phone!! I have to have a dessert at least once a day. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I blame it on my grandma giving me ice cream before bed every night as a kid.”

3. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“There is nothing that beats Krispy Kreme donuts when the hot sign is on!”

4. How much would someone have to pay you to eat a live spider?
“A LOT!! This makes me think of the show Fear Factor. Although I have heard we all eat at least 5 spiders a year in our sleep, so maybe it’s not that bad!”

5. If you joined the circus, what would your circus act be?
“I would be one of the guys that rides the motorcycles in the cage. I love riding dirt bikes in the mountains with my brother!”