Gymnastics Skills & Drills

Gymnastics Skills & Drills Near Newport News, Virginia
  • Focuses on skills and drills to improve overall body strength using bodyweight movements such as core and hollow body work, pushups, handstand work, pull-up and muscle-up progressions, dips, parallette work, toes to bar, and much more.
  • Big concentration on core strength which in turn improves strength in everything that we do including weight lifting and metabolic conditioning exercise
  • The goal is to perfect strict movements first and then build to more dynamic kipping movements for increased speed and efficiency
  • Classes are one hour and begin with a warm up, followed by skills & drills, and conclude with a short workout or strength piece, not for time, but designed to reinforce skills learned in class and improve overall strength
  • Dynamic team setting that allows for partner strength work and keeps classes fun and motivating

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